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Jan 3, 2013 11:00pm EST
, san francisco, oakland. i want just to say that it'll be a missed opportunity to not say to americans that they are individual collective effort saved the lives of millions of people and that is not to please them. we can't across party effort to democrats because of a sense of urgency brought by president bush, it is constantly changing all of their response. and then we have president obama grab a bringing the debate to share the responsibility of ownership are just natural movement, which we need to share. that it hoped the same message we will be able to convey because the american people, individually need to hear that they have been saving lives of millions of people we are making effort to share the burden with other countries now. >> peter. >> on the same lines, i would save taxpayers money has saved millions of lives and has also, i think, improved american image in the world to a large extent. decreasing that effort now is not only going to cost millions of lives because people will die, but also i think would be from a good and smart foreign policy. now let's see how our fr
Jan 30, 2013 11:00pm EST
succeed. this morning i went to the airport and there is the first montanans to get to oakland 45 soldiers from the mind can a national guard who had just taken a year of their life and spent it in afghanistan. i told them our commitment was strong and the lieutenant governor walsh tonight would insure we live up to the promise that all of this made saddam when they send out. if i asked the legislature to invest in our university system and make certain we provide services and space to meet veterans mean. the wraparound services to reintegrate his heroes back into civilian life and onto our college campuses. when i got back to the airport i found that while i was gone a committee cut services for returning vets. i urge you to restore the funds. by that to the promises they've made and welcome these warriors home with more than just words. [applause] and now, if we're serious about training tomorrow's workforce, our commitment must begin now when our kids first enter college or not when they enter the workforce, but her commitment has to begin when they first enter the world. we can't wait
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2